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Office Cubicles

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  • Steelcase Answer Cubicles

    6' x 6, 55"
    SKU: 7974
    QTY: 50
    These Steelcase Answer cubicles are a rare find. The line is so popular, used pieces come up very infrequently. What makes these cubicles great is that they adapt to the mobile ...
  • Steelcase Montage With Glass

    6' x 6', 6' x 8', 8' x 8'
    SKU: 504
    QTY: 650
    Steelcase Montage top of the line system with 50" high panels, can make all common sizes. Glass all the way around the top of every panel. The perfect height for seated privacy wit...
    Call for Volume Discounts
  • Steelcase Avenir

    8' x 8', 6' x 8', 6' x 6'
    SKU: 537
    QTY: 300
    Steelcase Avenir in "MINT" condition with custom laminate surfaces, great neutral fabric and lots of storage. One BBF, one FF and one overhead cabinet.
  • Allsteel Cubicles and Manager Stations

    6' x 7' (Manager stations are 6x8)
    SKU: 66
    QTY: 120
    High-tech Allsteel cubicles only 6 years old and still in amazing condition. Extras are included that provide for more storage, seating, and privacy. Each station is equipped with ...
  • Knoll Autostada: Like new and priced to go

    6'X6', 6'X7'
    SKU: 523
    QTY: 100
    These stunning Knoll Autostrada cubicles are practically new! They cubicles come in real cherry wood finishes and feature raised work surfaces, 50" high panels for ample privacy, s...
    Call for Volume Discounts
  • Knoll Reff with Glass – Many sizes available

    8' x 8', 6' x 8', 6' x 6'
    SKU: 530
    QTY: 100
    Just in! Knoll Reff cubicles with glass available in 3 popular sizes: 8'x8', 6'x8', 6'x6'. 64" high panels for privacy and lots of storage! Each syste...

    8’x8’, 6’x8’, 6’x6'
    SKU: 1063
    QTY: 100
    Curvilinear corners, One-touch overheads, Task lights, Tackboard, Whiteboard, Full height box/box/file pedestal, Full height storage cabinet with shelves that open to worksurface, ...

    6' x 6'
    SKU: 502
    QTY: 50
    Steelcase Montage segmented tile desking system. 6' x 6', 56" high panels with glass, drop down to 45" high. This system comes FULLY LOADED with powered spine panels. High/low work...
  • Knoll Compact Glass Cubicles

    5' x 5'
    SKU: 527
    QTY: 250
    Knoll is recognized internationally for workplace design that inspires, evolves and endures. These Knoll compact 5'x5' cubicles with 50" high glass panels deliver on that...
  • Steelcase EE Maple

    6' x 6', 6' x 8', 8' x 8'
    SKU: 541
    QTY: 800
    Steelcase EE 45" high, 8'x6' maple wood cubicles in beautiful condition, perfect height for today's world, all maple wood interior and trim, custom fabric, each cubi...
  • Steelcase EE Maple

    6' x 6'
    SKU: 539
    QTY: 1,200
    Steelcase EE 45" high, 6'x6' maple wood cubicles in beautiful condition, perfect height for today's world, all maple wood interior and trim, custom fabric, each cubi...
  • Steelcase Elective Elements Maple Wood And Glass

    6' x 6', 6' x 8', 8' x 8'
    SKU: 550
    QTY: 1,200
    Steelcase Elective Elements maple wood cubicles with frosted glass, 6x6, 6x8, 8x8, with one lateral file pedestal and one BBF pedestal, over 14k each new. Handling charge to pull a...
  • Steelcase EE Maple Wood

    6' x 2.5'
    SKU: 548
    QTY: 1,200
    Steelcase EE 45" high, 6' x 2.5' maple wood cubicles in beautiful condition, perfect height for today's world, all maple wood interior and trim, custom fabric, each cubicle has (1)...
  • Herman Miller Resolve

    SKU: 1239
    QTY: 85
    High tech Resolve by Herman Miller, call for more details.
  • Steelcase Montage open plan 6’x6′

    6' x 6'
    SKU: 1754
    QTY: 55
    Steelcase Montage is at the top of our Steelcase line of used cubicles. Each comes with a tiled system with two drawer pedestals, one whiteboard in every cube. Great condition.
    $1,695.00 $1,095.00
  • Haworth Premise Office Systems Flexible Configurations

    6'x6', 7'x7", 8'x8'
    SKU: 1237
    QTY: 250
    Just in! Haworth Premise Cubicles are a leading choice for companies looking for innovative design, freedom and flexibility. We just acquired these from a liquidation and they are ...
  • Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles with new fabric

    8'x8', 6'x8', 6'x6'
    SKU: 510
    QTY: 250
    These modern Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles have just been refinished with new fabric and give you all the storage you could possible imagine. Each cubicles comes with 2 overhead...
  • Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

    6 'x 6.5', 8' x 6.5', 8' x 8'
    SKU: 514
    QTY: 500
    Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles. Sleek and efficient design and plenty of storage. Each cubicle has one BBF pedestal, one two drawer lateral file, glass panels for better light, o...
  • Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles: Limited Inventory!

    6' x 6'
    SKU: 519
    QTY: 25
    Our Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles provide a sleek look and an efficient, modular work environment. We have a very limited stock of 6' x 6' cubes with 54" high panels. ...
  • Herman Miller My Studio

    SKU: 521
    QTY: 30
    Herman Miller My Studio in beautiful condition with custom colors, wardrobe cabinet, drawer pedestal and power.
    Call for Volume Discounts
  • Steelcase 9000 Cubicles

    7.5' x 7.5'
    SKU: 496
    QTY: 50
    Steelcase 9000 Cubicles 7.5' x 7.5'
  • Herman Miller Cubicles

    8' x 8'
    SKU: 508
    QTY: 160
    Just Acquired: Super clean Herman Miller cubicles. Priced to go at $1350 as is.
  • Steelcase EE Maple

    8'x8', 8'x6', 6'x6'
    SKU: 546
    QTY: 60
    Steelcase EE maple wood cubicles with 53' high panels, all wood work surfaces, two drawer pedestal and one BBF pedestal. Can be 6x6, 6x8, 8x8. Add 50.00 per cube for pull and prep ...
  • Steelcase 9000 Cubicles

    5' x 2.5'
    SKU: 500
    QTY: 50
    Steelcase 9000 Cubicles 5' x 2.5'
  • Steelcase 9000 Cubicles

    5' x 5'
    SKU: 498
    QTY: 50
    Steelcase 9000 Cubicles 5 x 5
  • Steelcase Montage Offices With Doors

    * Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 556
    QTY: 75
    Steelcase Montage high wall offices with doors, can be made into any size office. Pocket doors included for each office. Beautiful glass, insulated fabric tiles that absorb sound a...
  • Steelcase Architectural Privacy Wall System

    SKU: 534
    QTY: 120
    Steelcase Privacy Wall System is the ultimate in modular floor to ceiling and free standing offices. Includes full height floor to ceiling panels with glass and full height solid w...
  • Herman Miller Ethospace Office with Door

    10' X 17'
    SKU: 1629
    QTY: 50
    Create an instant executive office with this attractive glass-paneled cubicle made by Herman Miller, one of the world's most respected and recognized brand in the industry. Each cu...
  • Steelcase Montage High Wall Offices With Doors

    SKU: 554
    QTY: 13
    Steelcase Montage top of the line high wall offices with doors. Included is all the furniture and storage inside. Over 25k list price new.
  • Ethospace High Wall Offices

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 560
    QTY: 45
    These spectacular Ethospace are enclosed by 10' x 12' walls and solid cherry doors. U shape desks make the most out of the interior space and help create the perfect modu...
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The Right Office Cubicles Can Make A Big Difference

Did you know cubicles can actually improve your office environment? Cubicles help your employees focus while enjoying extra privacy and improved collaboration. The right office cubicle systems, carefully picked to fit your company’s layout and tone, can be an extraordinary benefit for your employees’ happiness and productivity. At Arnold’s, we carry the most popular used office cubicles at a fraction of the original cost. We have all the major brands of office cubicles including Haworth, Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Knoll available in our showroom or for delivery to your workplace.

Great Discounts on Used Office Cubicles

We understand tight budgets. When it comes to buying office cubicles, used cubicles are the perfect way to save money. We only put the best conditioned cubicles on sale. You can save as much as 90% off retail price when you buy used office cubicles from Arnolds.

Cubicle Refurbishing and Installation

Ask us about our complete refurbishing, cleaning, and installation services. These additional services are available at a modest cost but will make your cubicle systems look fresh at a fraction of the price of purchasing these items new. Plus, we offer free design services to give you a fresh, modern office cubicle look and feel. Let Arnold’s help you make the most of your space by recommending the right office cubicles.

Why wait? Let our team help you find the best cubicles for your workplace today.