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  • Steelcase Montage with glass, 6’x6′, 6’x8′, 8’x8′

    SKU: 7981
    QTY: 1,000
    $2,495.00 $1,695.00
  • Herman Miller Aeron Chairs (2013)

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 1234
    QTY: 35
    Full function chairs in excellent condition. The Aeron chair was designed by Herman Miller to support posture and the human form. This comfortable, ergonomic chair is fully adjusta...
  • Steelcase Leap chairs

    *Call For Dimensions
    SKU: 689
    QTY: 30
    The Steelcase Leap chair is one of the very best in the market today. These cost over $1400 new but you can get them from Arnolds for only $395! Inventory is moving fast so call to...
  • Steelcase Criterion cubicle chair

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    SKU: 685
    QTY: 200
    This chair is one of the most popular cubicle chairs in Fortune 500 offices. It's contour design and high backrest provide amazing comfort and functionality for your employees.
  • Premium mesh back chair

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    SKU: 683
    QTY: 500
    Not only do these premium chairs allow for more air circulation to provide ventilation and support like most mesh chairs, but they also come with heavy duty mechanisms and added fe...
  • Modern leather and chrome desk chairs

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    SKU: 681
    QTY: 50
    These beautifully-crafted office chairs come with a contemporary look that complements any modern office design with attractive black leather and chrome
  • Mesh back multi-function chair

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    SKU: 679
    QTY: 500
    These mesh chairs, inspired by the best selling Herman Miller Aeron chair, provide for greater air circulation that creates ventilation to keep you cool in the summer and gives add...
  • Humanscale Freedom chair with armrest

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    SKU: 677
    QTY: 25
    The Freedom Task Chair by Niels Diffrient has set new standards for the chair industry. A weight-sensitive recline, synchronously adjustable armrests, and a dynamically positioned ...
  • Haworth X-99 mesh chairs

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    SKU: 672
    QTY: 1,000
    The Haworth X-99 is considered the premier mesh back office chair on the market. These chairs are more than $1200.00 when purchased new! Chairs come with many popular features: Pne...
  • Espresso leather executive chair

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    SKU: 670
    QTY: 500
    This luxurious and functional executive chair adds a professional look to any office. Chairs come in rich espresso leather and blends in with many colors and designs.
  • Economy black leather chairs

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    SKU: 668
    QTY: 500
    At $189, these chairs are a steal. These super comfortable and functional chairs look and feel like chair which cost hundreds more!
  • Brown leather executive chair

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    SKU: 666
    QTY: 500
    These brown leather chairs provide an executive feel for any office and are a perfect addition to offices with hardwood furniture!
  • Black leather guest chair

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    SKU: 664
    QTY: 500
    These attractive black leather guest chairs add a luxurious feel to any your office and provide your visitors with exceptional comfort.
  • Black leather executive chair

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    SKU: 79
    QTY: 500
    These plush leather chairs provide maximum all-day comfort to your busy executives while adding a touch of elegance to any office.
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Office Chairs on Sale – Have a Seat

Every office worker knows the importance of a quality office chair. Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day is hard enough, but doing it in an uncomfortable chair can be downright agonizing. Improve the happiness and productivity of your employees by providing comfortable, ergonomic office chairs.

Show your employees how much you care about them by ensuring they have a comfortable place to sit for their long work days. Not only should a desk chair look nice and fit in with the design and feel of your office, but it needs to be comfortable. Buying a used office chair from Arnold’s allows you to be able to afford a name brand office chair that you might not be able to afford at full price – like Steelcase, Herman Miller and Haworth. Our timeless office chairs retain their value because they’re built to last.

From Mesh to Ergonomic Office Chairs: A Matter of Comfort

At Arnold’s, buying used doesn’t mean buying worse. It means that you can buy a name-brand chair that goes for thousands of dollars new for just a few hundred dollars. We guarantee every one of our office chairs provides the same level of comfort and support as new chairs; but at a fraction of the price. We repair and refurbish all of our office chairs to give them a look that’s close to new. Whether you’re looking for a mesh office chair, an executive chair or anything in between, we have the comfort your employees need at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Sitting, while usually considered to be relaxing, actually puts stress on your lower back and spine. Especially in an office setting, where you’re sitting for long periods of time, an ergonomic chair is more important than ever. An ergonomic office chair is manufactured specifically to provide maximum comfort for the user, and improve health and productivity by reducing back pain, fatigue and discomfort.

Short of buying all of your employees standing desks or treadmills, buying a fleet of comfortable office chairs will do the trick. Sitting on a wooden or plastic chair for 8 hours a day will make your employees (and you!) unhappy – you deserve a comfortable work environment where you can be your best self.

Office Chairs That Will Last

Our selection of chairs is guaranteed to blow you away. We’re equipped to help you seat your entire business, no matter how large you are. We are eager to help you find the perfect chair to match the style and needs of your office. Don’t wait; contact us to get started on your order of office chairs today!

Let our team help you find the chair of your dreams today. We can help you find the best office chair for any workplace: request a quote today and we’ll contact you with next steps. Or, just give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!