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Office Feng Shui: Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

Office Feng Shui: Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

The office is definitely a place in need of good feng shui. In fact, in the big list of places that need good vibes, the office is right up there with the DMV and the dentist’s office. Add in the fact that most modern workplaces tend to be light on personal comfort and heavy on appearances — your office cubicle probably isn’t nearly as nice as the reception area, for example, or the boardroom — and you have the perfect testing ground for a feng shui consultant’s skills.

Last week, we covered how to use feng shui to optimize the energy in your cube. Now, we’ll look at the office in general.

1. Be choosy about where you sit.


The goal is to get a seat in the corner farthest from the entrance, i.e. the “command” position. This is just good sense: If you’re far away from the door, people have to come seek you out on purpose. That makes you the important, sought-after person, and also protects you from pointless interruptions. Whatever you do, though, don’t sit in line with the door, which puts you in the path of negative energy (and bored coworkers looking to distract you while you work).

2. Remove clutter.


All feng shui experts will advise you to cut down on clutter, which they say stimulates negative chi. Even if you don’t believe in feng shui at all, you have to admit that clutter stimulates your ability to lose things.

3. Surround yourself with the right colors.


Good news for people in contemporary offices: those drab grays and whites might actually be excellent, in terms of feng shui, especially in the northwest corner of your office. Gray and white are the colors of the metal element, which brings clarity and precision. Want a raise? Decorate with green and brown, colors that represent the wood element.

4. Choose healthier lighting.


“Grow lights” are good for humans as well as plants. If your company will let you, replace fluorescent light tubes with full-spectrum lights. If that’s not possible, see if you can shut off the lights nearest you and rely on lamps to light up your work space. (Please note that we didn’t tell you to move your desk closer to a window. We know that if you could, you’d be sitting there already. Ditto with punching a hole in the ceiling and installing your own personal skylight.)

5. Have plants, especially bamboo.


If we had our druthers, we’d all work outside in a beautiful garden, probably with a pool. But since we’re stuck indoors, adding plants to the office is the next best thing. Plants in general are good feng shui, but bamboo is considered particularly lucky, because it can represent all five elements. It’s also supposed to drain bad energy. That’s never a bad idea when you have lots of people working together in a relatively small space.

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