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Is It an Office or a Gym? You Decide!

Is It an Office or a Gym? You Decide!

If we didn’t have to work for a living, we’d be able to go to the gym all the time. But as it stands, earning a living is seriously cutting into our cardio time. What’s a hard-working, fitness-craving person to do?

Work out while you work, of course. A recent post on Divine Caroline reminded us that there are lots of ways to fit in exercise just by choosing the right office furniture and using it to boost your fitness. Here are a few things to try:

1. Swap Your Chair for an Exercise Ball


Does your back hurt at the end of the day? Blame declining core strength. Most of us tend to slouch and let our tummies go slack when we sit in a standard office chair. But if you ditch your usual seat and get an exercise ball, you can train those neglected core muscles to tighten up, making you stronger and slimmer and staving off the aches.

2. Get a Standing or Treadmill Desk


By now, we all know that sitting is killing us. Decrease the amount of time you spend sitting down by doing your work at a standing or treadmill desk. More companies are sponsoring switches like these on a full- or part-time basis to decrease healthcare costs and sick time, as well as to boost employee health and morale.

3. Do Leg Extensions in Your Chair


Even if you can’t swap your old office furniture for more fitness-friendly equipment, you can still get in a work out. Do leg extensions or hip openers at your desk. Just a few sets a day will make a big difference in strength and flexibility.

4. Do Push-Ups at Your Desk


This is another suggestion from Divine Caroline, and a great option for people who can’t do traditional push-ups on the floor. Desk push-ups allow you to start your routine at an angle, decreasing weight on your upper body as you build strength. This is a great way to off-set that slouching posture many of us develop from bending over the keyboard all day long.

5. Go on a Walk.


Can’t get outside? Get up from your desk as often as you can. Ask people questions in person instead of sending an IM, or get up and get yourself a glass of water once in a while. Although it won’t replace a run or time on the elliptical, getting up and moving around in any way is better than sitting hunched over the computer for hours each day.

Images: FunnyBiz/Flickr, healthiermi/Flickr, See-ming Lee/Flickr, HJ Media Studios/Flickr, Star5112/Flickr

Posted by James Wilkie

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