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Inside the Office of “The Office”

Inside the Office of “The Office”

The US version of NBC’s sitcom The Office has been on the air for six years now, and in that time, a lot of things have changed at Dunder Mifflin. Jim and Pam got married, the Scranton branch escaped redundancy only to be bought by Sabre, and Dwight is … well, still Dwight. (Although he does own the building now, so there’s proof that everything changes, even things that seem to stay the same.)

Of course, just like in your actual office, when people come and go and new names appear on the front of the building, the floor plan of the actual office changes. Fortunately, there are plenty of obsessive Office fans out there on the interwebs, documenting each and every change to the Dunder Mifflin cubicle seating chart.

Season One: The Office Floor Plan, Classic Edition


Pam sits at reception, Jim and Dwight sit next to each other, and Michael’s desk is in his office, even if he prefers to be out on the floor distracting everyone from doing work. Note the presence of Devin, a.k.a. “that guy Michael fired in season two.”

Season Two: Temporary Moves


Season two is arguably when the US version hit its stride. This is the season when Jim temporarily relocated Dwight’s desk to the men’s room, and found his own seat relocated to the Annex when someone left Michael a little present on his carpet. Also worth noting on this map: Vance refrigeration, over by the elevators. We’re surprised that Bob Vance didn’t find a way to slap his branding all over that section of the chart.

Season Three: Post Stamford Merger


In the third season, Jim moved to the Stamford branch and started dating Karen, who then moved with Jim (and most of the Stamford branch) back to Scranton when the Stamford branch closed. Confused yet? Not as confused as you would have been, had Michael not driven most of the former Stamford-ites crazy on their first day, causing them to quit.

Season Four: Post-Post Stamford Merger


This is the most up-to-date seating chart we could find, and it’s still pretty current. By this time, Karen has gone off to greener pastures (or to Utica, anyway). Jim and Pam are together, and Andy has moved closer to Big Tuna. As always, the Creed stands alone. And a good thing it is, too. Don’t forget that he sprouts mung beans in his desk: “Very nutritious, but they smell like death.”

Bonus Round: The Sims Hit “The Office”


We found some weird, weird stuff while we were looking for these charts. (Let’s just say, a lot of people have even more time on their hands than we do.) The greatest of them all, though, might be The Sims environment mockup of the Dunder Mifflin office.

And as a bonus on top of a bonus, here’s Michael’s office the way The Sims would do it:


You’re welcome.

Images: Season 1:, Season 2:, Season 3:;, Season 4:, Bonus: Sims

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