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How Green Are Pennsylvania Businesses?

How Green Are Pennsylvania Businesses?


Pennsylvania is a bustling state with a rich industrial history. It’s also, increasingly, an environmentally aware one.  Across the state, there are a strong number of green initiatives and businesses at the forefront of a new green boom in the Keystone State.

The commitment comes from state government and business leaders alike.  For example, many Pennsylvania businesses voluntarily perform a “green audit” to determine where they could improve.  Voters have consistently voted for green initiatives, such as funding PennVest, which will help install better and more efficient water systems.

Still, the most basic demonstration of where environmental awareness and industry meet is the fact that as of 2012, Pennsylvania is the nation’s leader in green jobs, with over 100,000 employees working in various green capacities.  There are a wide variety of green companies generating these jobs, ranging from statewide to local.

Examples of such businesses include…

  • Quench: Located in King of Prussia, Quench takes a new approach to the office water cooler. Instead of having water bottled, packaged, and shipped across the country — or even the world — it installs advanced filtration and sanitization systems into office buildings that can provide water and ice at a much lower cost… and more importantly, at a substantial savings to the environment as it helps reduce carbon emissions from bottling and trucking.  Quench systems are in office buildings across the country.
  • Arnolds Office Furniture: Based in Bridgeport and specializing in recycling and refurbishing office furniture, Arnolds ships restored furniture to offices around the country, reducing the amount of waste in landfills and saving substantially on manufacturing emissions as well as natural resources, as less ore needs to be mined or trees cut down for new furniture.  Not to mention, of course, the money saved by not having to buy something entirely new.
  • Gettysburg Solar: Based, of course, out of Gettysburg, this company has been offering solar solutions for homes and businesses for half a decade.
  • The Environmental Home Store: A building supply company in Doylestown, this company focuses on provided the best in green building materials — from bamboo flooring to recycled glass countertops.


On a statewide level, Pennsylvania is also a leader in greener utilities.  A good example of this kind of business is:

  • Choose PA Wind: This Pittsburgh-based energy firm sells wind energy produced in-state to companies and homes.  Choose PA Wind has been so successful offering “homegrown” energy that it can undercut conventional utilities in terms of price, and substantially cut down on an emissions footprint.

Even companies that aren’t necessarily in the “green” business still find ways to improve their environmental record.  For example…

  • High Concrete works to educate its customers in more efficient ways to precast and build the parking structures that are its bread and butter, and better meet industry and government sustainability standards.

It’s rapidly becoming clear that Pennsylvania is, in many ways, the nation’s leader in green ideas and technology.  Whether it’s recycling office furniture, or just giving homebuilders greener options, there’s a lot for the Keystone State to be proud of.

Image credits: Flickr

Posted by James Wilkie

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