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From Occupy Wall Street Protestor to Cubicle Dweller

bioscientistSome Occupy Wall Street protestors hope for sweeping changes to our economy and system of government. Tracy Postert just wanted a job.

Postert, who has a Ph.D. in pharmacology, went down to Zuccotti Park wearing a lab coat and armed with a sign, reading “Ph.D biomedical scientist seeks full-time employment” on the front and “Ask me for my resume” on the back. Wayne Kaufman, chief marketing analyst from John Thomas Financial Brokerage, took her up on it.

Six weeks later, she’s happily ensconced in an office cubicle, learning a new position as a junior analyst focusing on medical companies as potential investments. Although she’s currently making just over minimum wage, she expects to be making six figures in time. (And after passing the financial analyst exam.)
The irony is not lost on Postert, who spent 10 days holding a sign reading “Reagan sucks” before switching over to more practically-oriented signage.

“I never thought I would be doing this,” she said. Her original plan was to work in academia, but the gig at the bank was just too good to pass up.

The good PR means that this is a win for the company, too.

“She was ranting about Wall Street, and now she’s working on Wall Street,” said Thomas Belesis, CEO of John Thomas Financial Brokerage. “Banks are not so bad. Hopefully, we’ve opened her eyes.”

Belesis has made something of a second job of boosting the image of financial institutions. Last year, he was in the news for his involvement with a movement called Restore Wall Street, which aimed to buff up the banks’ reputations in the wake of the financial crisis. Maybe he’s decided that the best way to win over protestors is to find them a job.

Images: The Daily Mail

Posted by James Wilkie

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