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10 Cool Things About Working in the Pixar Office

Most of us slog away at our keyboards, hidden away in generic burlap office cubicles, with no idea of any other work environment. The folks at Pixar are here to ruin that for you, by showing you what their employees think is normal office life. How cool is their daily grind? Picture rooms full of cereal, with cartoon characters at every turn, and ping-pong tables fighting foosball tables for the most-fun office furniture award.

Design Modern Office Design

Tips for Creating an Impressive Workspace for Employees and Clients

As a business grows and the desks are filling up, you may have to think about rearranging your workplace or even moving into a larger office. We want to create a unique environment that provides comfort for all employees. Trends for designing the office space are beginning to change and modernize to create a communal and team environment for coworkers. An aesthetically pleasing design starts with taking a unique approach when choosing commercial office furniture. Here are some tips for creating an impressive workspace.

Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture

The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

When you’re working in an office setting, chances are you’re spending a lot of time at a desk or workstation. A typical employee works about 2000 hours per year, usually working on a computer or performing office related tasks that require sitting. These desk jobs can often be detrimental to their health, especially without the right equipment. To maintain an optimal comfort level, there are a number of ergonomic solutions that can be beneficial for your work performance, as well as your health.

Christmas as the office

10 Awesome Office Holiday Party Ideas

Office workers spend 11 months of the year slogging away in an office cubicle, filing TPS reports, and dodging conference calls. It’s no wonder that most look forward to the holidays, the one time of year when employees can let their hair down, eat too much free food, and maybe, if they’re lucky, throw one heck of a party. Here are 10 of the best holiday party ideas the interwebs have to offer.

Halloween Cubicle

10 Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Office Cubicle

It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween out there, and hopefully your office cubicle is following suit. If your office allows it, dressing up your cubicle is the perfect way to add a little spice to the work day and give your coworkers something to talk about.

Halloween at the office

Best Halloween Cubicle Decorations of All Time

‘Tis the season for dressing up, and there’s no reason your cube or workspace can’t join in the fun. Here, a collection of some of the greatest Halloween-themed offices and cubicles from around the Web. If you don’t find any inspiration in these, check your pulse… then consider dressing your cube up as a cemetery.

Talk about mood lighting! From the ghoulish green to the riotous red, this cube pulls out all the spooky stops. While there is no designated theme per se, this cube owner has covered all the Halloween bases (even adding a pumpkin filled with treats!)

However foul your mood, we dare you to be grumpy after stepping into this pumpkin patch themed office. Bright colors and goofy grins show off the lighter side of Halloween, and the straw on the floor is so bonus!

You can never go wrong with caution tape and spider webs – both quintessential Halloween decorations. And when space is tight, like it is here, combining them works. Throw in the spooky screen savers and you’ve got one haunting setup.

Ah yes, the dead body outline. Outside of real live crime scenes, this type of thing was made for Halloween. A dead body and a mystery? Yes, we’ll take it! Especially when it spices up a boring day in the cube.

Now here’s a Halloween theme that’s a little unexpected…Christmas! We love the originality of this idea and are especially fond of the fact that once Halloween is through, this office can stay “dressed up” for the holidays ahead!

When it comes to web work, this cube wins big! The weaving is so intricate that this poor guy has been stuck here for years and has lost a few pounds. Looks like the spider is eating well, though!

Halloween Cubicle

Photo credit: slworking2 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Life’s a beach when you head to work at this office. Wonder if that’s the boss lounging on the hammock there? (And wonder if those bottles of spirits in the background are for show or the real deal? Hmmm.)

For everyone that feels working in a cube is like working in a dungeon, this guy can say that pretty literally. We love the detail on the walls and all the creepy accessories. Not sure we’d want to be caught in the dark here, but in the daylight, this place is great!

Nothing captures the romance of Halloween quite like vultures, skulls, and chalices full of (hopefully fake) blood. We love the eerie elegance of this display and wonder if their frightening festivities include any rituals or sacrifices to round out the fun. (Yikes.)


And finally, what Halloween cubicle round-up would be complete without an ode to terrifying tots? Yes, this massive doll collection is creepy, but it’s not nearly as unsettling as the wall art. We think it’s safe to say that if it feels like someone is watching you when you’re in this cube, you’re probably right.

So do any of these strike you as the ultimate costume for your cube? Place your vote in the comments below and share your other ideas with us. After all, Halloween isn’t just for kids – it’s for the Cube Community, too!

Photo credit: Narisa / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

gliffy microsoft visosmartdraw

Office Plan Layout Software: 3 Great Options

Planning a new office, or remodeling the one you have? You probably already know you need more than Microsoft Word to help you do the layout. Mapping cubicles to available space is complicated enough. Add in planning for conference rooms, bathrooms, utility panels, and so on, and you’re looking at a project that has potential to make compiling the annual report look like a breeze.