10 Cool Things About Working in the Pixar Office

Most of us slog away at our keyboards, hidden away in generic burlap office cubicles, with no idea of any other work environment. The folks at Pixar are here to ruin that for you, by showing you what their employees think is normal office life. How cool is their daily grind? Picture rooms full of cereal, with cartoon characters at every turn, and ping-pong tables fighting foosball tables for the most-fun office furniture award.

That’s reality at the company that brought you the Toy Story movies, Up, and Monsters Inc. And this is what your life would be like, if you worked at Pixar.

10. Superheroes Guard Your Office


Forget security systems. Pixar is guarded by the Incredibles. Which is good, because your coworkers would be actual monsters. Fortunately they don’t appear unless you’ve been animating for twelve hours.

9. Your Coworkers Are Actually Creative


And not just while making up excuses to stay home from work. (Seriously. We have worked with people who would call in sick with diseases that were cured 100 years ago.)

8. Buzz + Woody + Legos = Heaven for Toddlers


If all those movies about genius three-year-olds were true, this would be where they worked. We hope they’d wear tiny suits and ties while they worked, because that would be awesome.

7. The Lunchroom Has Connecting Flights to Anywhere You’d Want to Go


Could be a cafeteria, or it could be the coolest airport ever. Also, it’s totally possible that the roof turns into wings.

6. The Best Wall Art Ever


Eat your heart out, Successories. Animators make the only truly inspirational office art we’ve seen.

5. Pixar Will See Your Foosball…


…and raise you a ping-pong table. Seriously, if you add some beer, this office becomes the coolest bar we’ve seen.

4. Oh, Wait. There Is Beer.


This is not an official Pixar beer mug. We assume that they pass those out at the Friday Beer Bash, which is a real thing. (Seriously. It’s mentioned as a perk in the ad for interns on their website.)

3. If Your Coworkers Are Bad…


…you can feed them to the shark. How often would that come in handy in your office? And hey, there’s caution tape up. They can’t say they weren’t warned.

2. All the Cereal You Can Eat


Lots of offices offer, say, free bagels once a week, or a monthly pizza day. Pixar, on the other hand, has a giant room full of cereal, which is maybe the best thing ever.

1. Cube, Sweet Cube


Animators at Pixar work in cute little huts instead of cubicles. So in addition to working at one of the coolest companies ever, they work in cottages that are literally bigger and more luxurious than most of the apartments we’ve lived in.

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