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6 Hilarious (and Sometimes Cruel) Office Cubicle Pranks

6 Hilarious (and Sometimes Cruel) Office Cubicle Pranks

There’s something about the office environment that brings out the prankster side of most people. We don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the presence of so many potential victims, all sitting in close proximity to one another in adjoining office cubicles. Maybe it’s a mini-rebellion against the daily grind of meetings and deadlines. Or maybe we’ve been breathing in too much toner. Whatever the reason, some of the funniest pranks we’ve ever seen have come out of offices. For example…

New Jersey Devils Fan Gets New Cubicle Decor


How do you make a sports fan cry? Wait until they go on vacation right before the NHL playoffs, observe as their team loses, and then redecorate their cubicle in the winning team’s colors. That’s exactly what happened to this New Jersey Devils fan, who returned from vacation to find his cube redone as a shrine to the Los Angeles Kings.

Welcome Back. Here Is a Cubicle Full of Garbage for You


We have no idea who poor Sergey is, and what hideous crime he committed, besides apparently taking a vacation. But when he returned — rested, we hope, and able to cope with minor annoyances like not being able to find his computer, keyboard, or phone — he found this. That’ll teach him to use up his allotment of paid time off.

Stapler in Jello


Courtesy of “The Office,” we bring you the only office cubicle prank we’ve ever longed to try, but skipped, due to a fear of ants: the ol’ stapler in the Jello. For those of you who don’t watch the show and tend to space out when your coworkers are talking about TV, it’s exactly what it looks like: a stapler, or any office supply, in Jello. We’re really hoping that the series finale of this show features Jim putting Dwight’s entire work station in a ginormous vat of Jello. Or better yet, maybe he could just encase all of Dunder Mifflin.

Cardboard Office Furniture — NOT Sold by Us, Obviously


“This office furniture is like cardboard,” we picture the occupant of this cubicle complaining, right before he went off to lunch or out to the dentist and left his worldly belongings unattended. And then we he returned, he found this. Is it wrong that if we were on the receiving end of this prank, we’d sit down and pretend to work at our new paper workstation for, oh, just a few hours? Come on. Someone put a lot of work into this. And it’s important to be supportive of your coworkers’ creativity.

Office Cubicle Prank, Starring a Live Bear


Okay, this didn’t actually happen. Although we’re going to pretend that this photo was taken at a zoo where they’re trying to offset the cost of caring for the animals by teaching them how to do data entry. Which is how you get in serious trouble with animal rights groups. And also eaten.

Posted by James Wilkie

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