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5 Ways to Turn Your Cubicle into a Vacation

5 Ways to Turn Your Cubicle into a Vacation

Here we are, a few scant weeks from the holiday break, and most of us are already eager for another vacation. To be fair, waiting in block-long lines and dodging extended family isn’t most people’s idea of a relaxing getaway. Given the choice, most of us would much prefer to go to the beach or the mountains. Somewhere, anywhere, we can relax and forget about our workday lives.

Of course, if work were about our preferences, it wouldn’t be called “work,” it’d be called “vacation.” Which might get confusing after a while. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to bring a bit more holiday into your office cubicle. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Relaxpls

It sounds like something a LOLcat would tell you to do right before you murdered it, but Relaxpls is actually a Chrome app that allows you to turn your monitor into a mini-vacation. It displays high-resolution nature scenes and plays soothing sounds like birds tweeting. And if that doesn’t relax you, you can have a good laugh at your coworkers’ faces when they catch you pretending to be in the Amazon.

2. Yoga Apps
Go on a yoga retreat without leaving your desk. These three yoga apps were created to make it easier to take the advice of every “reduce stress at work” story published in the last decade, and do yoga in your cubicle. The best bet for cubicle dwellers is probably the aptly named Office Yoga, which includes over 75 exercises and costs $.99. Again, the healing power of laughter it will provide to your office mate is totally free.

3. Turn Your Cubicle Into a Tiki Bar
This is just good advice any time, even if you’re not stressed out. It is a scientific fact that tiki bar is the single best decorating motif for any cubicle or public space. No one is ever sad in a tiki bar. Bonus points if you start drinking your coffee out of one of those awesomely creepy mugs that look like the idol in that episode of the “Brady Bunch” where they go to Hawaii and meet Vincent Price.

4. ChatterBlocker
See how happy and Zen that guy is up there? That’s because he can’t hear a single word of detail of his annoying coworkers’ phone conversations. Seriously, he has no idea what Bob thinks of the five-thousandth season of “Survivor,” or anything about the precise details of the food poisoning Janie got from eating week-old Pad Thai out of the communal fridge. He is listening to nature sounds. It’s like he’s in the rainforest in Belize, while everyone else is getting ready to go to the 10 o’clock meeting.

5. Cubicle With a View
If all else fails, slap up a fake window, and make sure it gives you a view of the ocean. Voila: Oceanfront property, with internet access and unlimited candy.

Posted by James Wilkie

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