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5 Ways to Buy Used Office Furniture

If you’re looking for regular used furniture, you have loads of options: stop by any garage sale or second-hand store, and you’re sure to find something that fits the bill. But if you’re looking for used office furniture, on the other hand, you’ll need to be strategic. After all, the furniture that supports you while you work needs to be sturdy, reliable, and ergonomic, as well as attractive and well-priced. Here are a few ways to find the perfect furniture for your needs.

1. Used Furniture Auction


If you need large lots of furniture, or just love haggling over prices, used furniture auctions might be the perfect place to buy your new (to you) equipment. Just observe the usual auction rules: decide on your budget ahead of time, look at the online catalog first, and check out your potential purchases in person before you buy.

2. Browse Craigslist


If you need just a few pieces to round out your office, and want to save big bucks, Craigslist might be the perfect online store option for you. Furniture is typically steeply discounted, and sometimes even free to anyone who’ll come pick it up. Also, you save on shipping costs, since most Craigslist sellers will want you to come pick up your purchases in person. Just remember: buyer beware. You want to thoroughly inspect everything before you buy it, to make sure that it’s in the condition advertised online.

3. Try eBay


If you don’t mind paying shipping costs and want to skip the furniture pick-up, eBay is a good option. Just make sure to do business only with highly-rated or verified sellers, and take shipping and other additional costs into account before you hit “buy.”

4. Local Thrift Shops


Want to do a good deed while you stock your office? Look for local stores that give back to your community, like Housing Works in the New York area, or Salvation Army at locations across the country.

5. Arnolds Office Furniture


Finally, last, but certainly not least, if you want to fill your office with brand-name office furniture for only a fraction of the price of new equipment, you can’t do better than Arnolds Office Furniture. We ship worldwide, and are happy to help you figure out exactly what your office needs. Drop us a line and tell us how we can help.

Images: USFWS Mountain Prairie/Flickr, Chika/Flickr, zieak/Flickr, Arnolds Office Furniture

Posted by James Wilkie

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