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5 Incredibly Cool Home Office Ideas

5 Incredibly Cool Home Office Ideas

Most home offices are basically a jumble of files and office furniture, assembled every which way. But some creative folks take their workspace way beyond the barely functional. Their offices are more an expression of their imagination than just a place to process reports after-hours. Here are a few of the most amazing home offices the internet has to offer — plus, some ideas on how you can recreate something similar in your house.

1. If You Have a Closet, You Have an Office


Think you don’t have room to have a home office? Think again. These creative folks made a fully functional workspace out of their spare closet. Step one is the hardest part: finding a new place for all that unused sporting equipment. (We suggest eBay.) The cleverest innovation by far is the desk. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s actually two filing cabinets glued under a desk top.

2. You Can Do Anything With Some Plywood


You don’t have to be a DIY expert to create this lofted home office. Taking up what appears to be a whopping six square feet in the corner of a larger room, this little gem is easy to build with just a little plywood and some free time. Plus, it’s way more decorative that just sticking a chair and a desk in a corner.

3. The Secret Ingredient Is Paint


Look carefully at this slick home office design, and you’ll see that its most engaging elements are entirely created through paint choice. The bright pink desk? A garage sale relic spiced up with lacquer. The chalkboard wall? Just a few coats of chalkboard paint and a hand-drawn calendar.

4. Right in Your Own Backyard


If you work at home, you know the perils of, well, working in your home. This shed-turned-office solves that problem by letting you get away from it all just by going out to the backyard. Obviously, this one works best if you’re in a warm climate or already have a heated shed out back, but it’s not impossible to create from scratch, if you have the space and inclination.

5. IKEA Hacks, the Home Office Edition


Love the first suggestion on this list, but short on closet space? Don’t despair. Once again, the geniuses at IKEA Hackers come to our rescue. With just an old IKEA wardrobe, some wall paper, and a stool, you can make your own tiny office space in just about any size living situation. Dressmaker’s dummy optional.

Posted by James Wilkie

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