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5 Great Cubicle Time Killers

5 Great Cubicle Time Killers


Of course we would never suggest that you have fun on the company dime. But sometimes you’re between projects, or just at lunch, and need something to pass the time. In those cases, we recommend these great cubicle time killers. Some are actual games. Some are funny apps. And still others feature baby animals, which as everyone knows, is now the only reason that the internet exists.

1. Bejeweled 3

You can keep your first-person shooters and crash ’em up driving games. For some of us, it doesn’t get any better than games where you line up jewels and make them explode. No, we are not kidding, and if you try Bejeweled 3, you’ll see why. A word of warning: This game is weirdly hypnotic, so don’t play if your boss is liable to drop by unannounced. You won’t notice until it rains pink slips all around your head.

2. Classic Games Arcade

On the other hand, maybe you miss the games of your childhood. This is where the internet resembles a live action version of that time capsule you buried in your backyard when you were in elementary school. Turns out, those arcade masterpieces never really went away. They just hid in your browser. This site includes classics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

3. Zooborns

Fans of baby animals, rejoice. (Everyone else, you’re probably not capable of rejoicing anymore, due to being dead inside.) Zooborns features pictures and video of the world’s most adorable animals at their cutest possible stage. There are animals here from over a hundred zoos worldwide. We are purists and enjoy a good baby panda, but all of these animals are cute. Don’t believe us? Check out the baby python.


Want to make funny photos, but don’t want to take the time to learn Photoshop? This is the site for you. Make your headshot into a tattoo or the picture on Johnny Depp‘s nightstand. (It gets weirder from there. You really have to see it to believe it.)

5. Create Your Own Dog Breed

Pets are great, but they eat too much and they refuse to learn how to use the bathroom. Sometimes it’s just easier to make up pretend animals on the internet. This mutt maker will help you invent a truly hilarious dog. We made something that looked like a cross between a cow and a bull dog. It is apparently called a Bullbasserrador, and we predict it will be the next Labradoodle.

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Posted by James Wilkie

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