5 Benefits of Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Professional Design at a Discount

5 Benefits of Pre-Owned Office Furniture

1. Professional Design at a Discount: By investing in high quality used office furniture, you’re getting professional grade designs at a severely discounted price. One of the best things about purchasing used furniture is how affordable it is when compared to its “new” counterparts. Smart shoppers know that buying used office furniture isn’t just convenient, but economical, as well.

2. Quality: When you buy your pre-owned office furniture from a trusted dealer, you’ll often find that your pieces show little to no sign of damage. That’s because dealers often clean and restore the pieces to like-new conditions. Additionally, because you’re buying a high quality piece, you’re still reaping the benefits of the brand’s original design.

3. Resale Value: Used furniture, especially ones manufactured by a well-known brand, can retain 75% of its original value for five years. That means even if you purchase a used piece of furniture, you can still sell it after a while and make back most of your money.

4. Faster Delivery: Often, purchasing new furniture from a high-end designer means weeks of waiting for the product to become available. Worst of all, when you purchase new, you are often left with the task of assembling the furniture on your own. Pre-owned furniture, on the other hand, is ready to go when you need it and usually comes pre-assembled.

5. Environmentally Friendly: By choosing used office furniture over new furniture, your company is making a conscious design to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent these perfectly functional pieces from going into the landfill.

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