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3 Businesses That Work Out of Mobile Offices

3 Businesses That Work Out of Mobile Offices


When Dwight Schrute forces his coworkers to work on a bus for a day, it’s hilarious. But how entertaining is it to toil away in a truly mobile office in real life? If you talk to some of Howard Becker‘s clients, you’ll find plenty of people who like the office-on-the-go.

Becker runs a company that specializes in creating mobile offices, as well as other customized, high-end cars and vans. These are fancy offices on wheels, often using such pricey base vehicles as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. Even the highest-ranking executive would feel right at home among the rich leather seats and high-speed internet in some of Becker’s constructions.


1. The Chef Who Has an Escalade With an Exercise Bike in It

Becker built a mobile office in an Escalade for a fitness-minded celebrity chef. The challenge was to fit the bike into the Escalade — and make it safe. Becker did this by selecting a recumbent model, welding the flywheel to the floor, moving the heart-rate monitor to a side panel, and putting in a three-point seatbelt. We sure hope someone else is driving when the chef is exercising. The bike itself cost $2000, before customization.

2. The CEO Who Has the Newest Status Symbol

Noel Lee, founder and CEO of audio products company Monster, got his Sprinter Van from West Coast Customs, another company that creates high-end mobile offices. For him, the status involved in tooling around in an office on wheels was almost as important as the convenience.

“When you roll up to a red carpet, you don’t want to roll up in a regular van,” Lee told the New York Times.

3. The Business Owner Who Can Work on the Road

The Times also spoke with Joe Sachen, the owner of a merchandising business, who uses his modified Escalade to make the most of his 120-mile commute.

“Everything I can do in the office, I can do on the road,” he said.

In fact, he finds that the Escalade is a better space, in terms of productivity, than his stationary office. “A lot of people come into my office constantly, and when I’m in the car, it’s just me by myself, and I feel I get so much more done,” he said.

It probably doesn’t hurt that the monitor in his Escalade is bigger than the one in his other office. Who wouldn’t prefer to work on a 32-inch screen, while sitting in seats that are markedly more comfortable than most sofas?

Images: Randy Son of Robert/Flickr, Traveling Fools of America/Flickr

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