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Buy New and Used Office Furniture Systems at Arnold’s

Arnold’s Office Furniture works close with businesses to outfit entire offices with low-priced, high quality, new and used office furniture systems from cubicles to desks, conference tables and chairs.   See featured project

  • Knoll Dividend Open Plan Workstations w/ Glass

    6'x6', 6'x2' (priced per seat)
    SKU: 9684
    QTY: 66
    Computer workstation cubicles for sale here at Arnold's! These great condition Dividend cube systems are made by Knoll - one of the top brands in office furniture.  Arnold's buys a...
    Minimum Quantity: 8
  • Steelcase Montage Wood Trim Workstation

    Sizes range from 5' to 8'
    SKU: 504
    QTY: 400
    Steelcase Montage top of the line wood trim workstation desk with 55" high panels w/ glass all the way around the top are on sale now!! Comes in all common sizes that will fit i...
    Call for Price
    Minimum Quantity: 4
  • Herman Miller Red Reconditioned Ethospace Cubicle

    5.5'x7.5', 7'x7', 7'x9', and more
    SKU: 9131
    QTY: 100
    Reconditioned cubicles can save you and your company a lot of money!  These designer Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles are in 9/10 condition and come with a pedestal file, a metal t...
    Minimum Quantity: 8
  • Herman Miller Blue Refurbished Ethospace Cubicle

    ***NEW FABRIC***
    SKU: 8022
    QTY: 75
    This is a Herman Miller Ethospace top of the line office cube - part of tile and frame cubicle furniture systems. This cubicle desk system has been newly refurbished with very styl...
    Minimum Quantity: 6
  • Kimball Cetra w/ Wood Trim and Glass

    6'x6', 8'x6', 8'x8'
    SKU: 8841
    QTY: 175
    Kimball Cetra cubicles are part of Kimball's modular office furniture systems high-end line, this expertly refurbished cube adds fresh sophistication to your office space. FEATU...
    Minimum Quantity: 8
  • Herman Miller B&W Ethospace Refurbished Cubicle

    5.5'x5.5', 5.5'x7', 7'x7', 7.5'x7.5'
    SKU: 10996
    QTY: 100
    Herman Miller cubicles are a grade A product reserved for companies with style and sophistication.  These refurbished stations come in 4 different sizes (below) and are a 9.5/10 co...
    Minimum Quantity: 6
  • Steelcase Montage Classic Workstation

    7 1/2' x 7'
    SKU: 9245
    QTY: 69
    A classic Steelcase Montage workstation, these come in 7 1/2' x 7' and are a 9.5/10 condition.  The fabric paneling with the glass tops and all hardwood surfaces scream sophisticat...
    Minimum Quantity: 6
  • Steelcase Montage Refurbished Gray Cubes

    SKU: 7985
    QTY: 150
    These 5.5'x7.5' Steelcase Montage previously used cubicles make a great addition to any modern office design.  This top of the line tile system is fully-loaded!!! Maximum cubicl...
    Minimum Quantity: 6
  • Steelcase Montage U-Shaped Workstation

    SKU: 10095
    QTY: 82
    Second hand office furniture offers great value at a great price. Check out these U-Shaped Steelcase Montage workstations at an amazing price on sale now!! Comes with plenty of ...
    Minimum Quantity: 6
  • Steelcase Montage Customizable Cubicle Systems

    5.5'x5.5', 5.5'x7.5', 7.5'x7.5'
    SKU: 9177
    QTY: 100
    Steelcase Montage cubicle systems are the epitome of class.  The hard cherry wood surfaces make working a pleasure.  These quality workstations are waiting for your customization b...
    $8,000.00 $2,500.00
    Minimum Quantity: 4

    8,x8', 6'x8', 6'x6', 5'x5'
    SKU: 9619
    QTY: 175
    Kimball used office cubicles are part of Kimball’s modular office furniture systems high-end line, this expertly refurbished office cube adds fresh sophistication to your office sp...
    Minimum Quantity: 6
  • Herman Miller Ethospace Cherry Wood Mini Cubes

    SKU: 8410
    QTY: 325
    These refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace mini cubes are easy to fit into any office layout.  The cherry laminate surfaces add strength and quality to your design. FEATURES ...
  • Haworth Premise Dual Workstation

    6'x6' (priced per seat)
    SKU: 12267
    QTY: 35
    Check out our new 6'x6' Haworth Premise Dual Workstation!  This workstation comes with numerous features that make working that much easier.  With its tool rail, you have the optio...
    Minimum Quantity: 6
  • My Studio Workstations by Herman Miller

    8' x 6'
    SKU: 9604
    QTY: 70
    This is a 8'x6' Herman Miller My Studio top of the line, designer workstation in 9/10 condition.  These beauties are over $6,000 new, but with your Arnold's discount, these are $2,...
    Minimum Quantity: 4
  • Knoll Morrison Drop Down Cubicles

    6' x 8'
    SKU: 9124
    QTY: 250
    Knoll drop down cubes at an incredible price!!! (price based on ordering minimum 50) This is the perfect example of one of Arnold's business model: buy used office furniture from l...
    Minimum Quantity: 8
  • MaiSpace Off-White Workstations

    SKU: 12262
    QTY: 65
    Just in!  This 6'x6' MaiSpace system is a great fit to most any office for a great price.  At 48" high with glass privacy panels, this system has a sort of open feel, with plenty o...
    Minimum Quantity: 10
  • Herman Miller High Wall Glass Ethospace

    10' X 17'
    SKU: 1629
    QTY: 50
    Create an instant executive office with these attractive glass-paneled high wall private offices made by Herman Miller - one of the world's most respected and recognized brand in t...
    Minimum Quantity: 2
  • Herman Miller High Wall Fabric Ethospace

    9'x10' typical + many sizes
    SKU: 8911
    QTY: 135
    Top of the line 9'x10' Herman Miller high wall Ethospace modular office furniture.  These great quality used cubicles will modernize your office space at a fraction of the cost you...
    Minimum Quantity: 3
  • Steelcase Montage Modular Office Furniture Systems For Sale

    7'x8' (single), 8' x 14' (double)
    SKU: 8425
    QTY: 165
    Steelcase Montage modular office furniture systems for sale at Arnold's! These systems offer great cubicle privacy just like a standard office, but they move when you move! Set ...
    Minimum Quantity: 3
  • Steelcase High Wall Architectural Office

    SKU: 534
    QTY: 120
    High wall cubicles like these Steelcase Privacy Wall Systems are the ultimate in modular floor to ceiling and free standing offices. Includes full height floor to ceiling panels wi...
    Minimum Quantity: 2
  • Mark B Price Buster Workstation

    6'x3', 3'x3' (volume discount)
    SKU: 11827
    QTY: 300
    Mark B Price Buster workstations are new office cubicles AT AN INCREDIBLE PRICE made of the finest high quality materials and craftsmanship. Years of selling thousands of used c...
    Minimum Quantity: 25
  • UniFor – Designer Open Plan From Italy

    6'6" x 5' (priced per seat)
    SKU: 11047
    QTY: 300
    Sleek, sharp, clean, these designer Italian UniFor workstations are a great example of Arnold's reach and dedication to quality. These stations are a good size at 6'6" x 5" and 50"...
    $1,095.00 $995.00
    Minimum Quantity: 6
  • Steelcase Answer Open Plan Boomerang Pods

    customizable pods of 6
    SKU: 11036
    QTY: 200
    Steelcase Answer 120 degree pods solve space management, privacy, collaboration, and style issues all in one low-priced package. These have some really unique features like a 6' be...
    Minimum Quantity: 8
  • Steelcase Answer Open Plan Benching Station

    6'x6' (priced per seat)
    SKU: 11107
    QTY: 100
    Steelcase Answer top of the line benching system with all the best features!!  Includes plenty of storage in the mobile 2-drawer Box-File unit with cushioned seat and the large sto...
    Minimum Quantity: 8
  • Steelcase Context Open Plan Stations

    5'x5' (priced per seat)
    SKU: 11110
    QTY: 150
    Modern design by Steelcase with 42" high walls and beige curved work surfaces!  These 5'x5' Steelcase Context open plan systems are a great choice to get the most of your wide open...
    Minimum Quantity: 8
  • Newly Refurbished Allsteel Desking Systems

    24"x60" (priced per seat)
    SKU: 9875
    QTY: 37
    This is an Allsteel, American made, top of the line open plan workstation.  It's completely refurbished, in great condition, and is perfect for the more modern look and feel - enco...
    Minimum Quantity: 15
  • WorkWall Team 2 Person Workstation

    6'x6' (priced per seat)
    SKU: 8040
    QTY: 150
    This 2 person workstation is part of our Team Open Plan Systems line that complements today's ever-changing office environment. This open plan office design combines shared space w...
    Minimum Quantity: 6
  • Steelcase Montage Hi/Lo Open Plan System

    6' x 6' (priced per seat)
    SKU: 502
    QTY: 50
    Steelcase Montage open plan system has a segmented tile desking system. 6' x 6', 56" high panels with glass, drop down to 45" high. This system comes FULLY LOADED with powered spin...
    Minimum Quantity: 6
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Featured Project

Arnold’s is a large project-based used office furniture company.  Our customers don’t come to us for a single chair or desk; they want us to handle the entire project from soup to nuts. We start with a free consultation that moves to design, project management, delivery, installation, and clean-up.  We work hard and appreciate the rave reviews we get from so many satisfied customers! Check out our recently completed project below:


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Why Arnold's?

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Used Cubicles - Top Brands

We liquidate only the best used cubicles from Fortune 500 companies around the country.   At Arnold’s you’ll find top brands like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Allsteel, Knoll, and Haworth in great condition.  Your employees might not even know they’re used, but your bank account will!

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Prices at a Fraction of Retail

New office furniture depreciates quickly.  That’s why we can take a $20,000 office cubicle or workstation and resell it to our customers for as little as $1,500!

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Free Space Planning

Our expert in-house CAD designers will work with you to create the most effective furniture floor plan to ensure maximum productivity in your office space before any commitment is made on your end so you can feel safe in your purchase.

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All Types of Office Furniture

Most customers approach us in search of used cubicles and office workstations, but our work doesn’t stop there.  We’ll fill all the gaps.  Whether it’s providing office chairs, conference tables, or reception stations to complement the rest of your design, Arnold’s is your turnkey solution provider.

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Complete Project Solutions

From design to delivery and installation, we cover all bases with our white glove service.  Arnold’s has unbeatable experience in every step of furnishing your office space so you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors.  We do it all so you don’t have to!

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Used Office Furniture Experts

Decades of experience have positioned Arnold’s as one of the most trusted used office furniture providers in the nation.  From sales, to design, to installation, our recommendations are angled to ensure that outfitting your office space is as cost-effective and smoothly executed as possible.

Bottom Logos of Different Brands at Arnold's Office Furniture

A Short Story of Arnold's Office Furniture

What’s known today as “Arnold’s” actually started in 1929 by Ellis Island immigrants David and Rose Norman under the name “Norman’s Stationery Company” and specialized in stationery, greeting cards, and gifts.

In 1950, their son, Arnold, joined the mix and created his own branch of the company selling office furniture.  In 1973, with the office furniture department overshadowing the stationery side, David and Rose passed the reigns onto Arnold and the company was officially renamed Arnold’s Office Furniture Inc.  For 32 years, Arnold Norman continued to improve on his business’s positive reputation as one of the best new and used office furniture suppliers in Pennsylvania.

Fast forward to 2005, when Mr. Jay Berkowitz bought Arnold’s office furniture company with the proceeds from selling a locally successful paper company he owned for 25 years, sending Arnold into peaceful retirement.

From this transaction until today, Jay and his son, Jordan, have steadfastly carried Arnold’s torch and continue to strengthen Arnold’s position as a major force in the used office furniture business by increasing sales more than 25x what they were in 2005.


Arnold’s is a nationwide provider of new and used office and systems furniture that offers a turnkey solution of professional services from space planning and design to delivery and installation.  We are a one stop shop that can provide a seamless move into your new office.  We do it all so you don’t have to.

Whether a business is going for a traditional office layout based around refurbished used office cubicles or a more modern office furniture design like an open plan office space, our sales experts and CAD designers are ready and willing to consult with you and your project managers to create the most efficient floor plan for your office space.

Once the space planning and design are done and furniture selection are complete, a select crew will then deliver and install the ENTIRE PROJECT in a timely manner, leaving you with a clean, comfortable, productive workspace so that your business can continue its growth.

Also, with its 110,000 square feet of warehouse space full of office furniture in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania and 50,000 sq ft of warehouse space in Philadelphia, Arnold’s is one of the nation’s largest office furniture recycler that buys and warehouses mass inventories of used office and systems furniture.  This allows businesses to see some return on assets that they might normally discard, while saving the environment by not having to landfill anything.  Arnold’s will refurbish office furniture and systems as necessary, and resell to businesses at a significant discount than if purchased new – making the entire process a win-win-win-win for all parties involved.


All of us here at Arnold’s Office Furniture look forward to working with your business on your large office space projects and are available to help point smaller projects in the right direction, too.

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